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Integrated Business Planning – Where communication and interaction play an important role

Today’s companies are under pressure to manage costs, provide customized product portfolios and manage increased risk of disruptions due more. As a result, they need to understand the financial implications on the procurement expenditures. Traditional sales and operations planning (S&OP) is insufficient at providing business leaders with insight into the financial trade-offs of critical supply and demand management decisions because it only focuses on quantities rather than financial implications. Integrated business planning is a collaborative decision-making process that builds a bridge between strategy and execution by linking strategic, tactical, operational, and financial objectives and integrating demand, supply, and financial planning. It relies on participation and input from all core functions of the organization, including supply chain (production, procurement, logistics), finance, sales, and marketing. Let’s elaborate the role of procurements planning within the IBP process.


Pfoster, M.
Erschienen in: Point of View, 2021

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