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Corporate management and transformation are our business... and also our passion. As an internationally sought-after management consultancy firm, we will help your company to advance strategically, consistently exploit growth potential, establish effective structures and processes, and set a course for success.

CxO Priorities Study 2022

Managing Overlapping Crises

Companies are struggling with various overlapping crises right now: the Ukraine conflict, lack of raw materials, inflation, climate change – and so far, there is no end in sight. How are top managers dealing with these challenges? What are their strategic priorities? How are the overlapping crises affecting their business and revenue? We spoke to 280 executive board members from 17 countries and 10 industries – and gained some exciting insights regarding these questions. Sounds interesting? You can find our study report here.

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We are proud that open and respectful interaction with each other is a matter of course for us and that diversity is a fundamental part of our Horváth DNA and our corporate strategy. In our Proud@Horváth network, we exchange ideas, support each other and actively help shape our inclusive culture.

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CFO Study 2022

Finance at the Crossroads of the Coronavirus, Digitalization and Sustainability

Many companies have emerged from the pandemic stronger than before. They have succeeded in securing their day-to-day business and a “New Normal” has settled in despite recurring challenges. For CFOs and the finance function, this means focusing on the opportunities and risks in the market environment and defining the way forward. At the same time, the increasing relevance of sustainability and the rapid acceleration of digitalization are creating a new field of tension that is transforming the role of the CFO.

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Study on the European packaging industry in 2025

How packaging companies should prepare for major trends, what other trends are shaking up the market - and which success factors are important.

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Taking a responsible approach into the future

To contribute toward a sustainable, climate-neutral, just and healthy society, Horváth engages in various projects in line with the United Nations’ sustainability goals and the Paris Agreement on climate and emissions. Our understanding of sustainability includes the implementation of environmental, economic and social targets, and we are continuously expanding our commitment in these areas.

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Special Topic

Corporate Transformation

The strategic, structural, and cultural adaptability of your company and your employees is the decisive factor in securing your own financial prosperity and competitiveness today and in the future. This requires a holistic view of the company and a plan for fundamental renewal. We call this Corporate Transformation.

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The Pricing Model Revolution

In The Pricing Model Revolution: How Pricing Will Change the Way We Sell and Buy On and Offline, veteran pricing and growth expert Dr. Danilo Zatta delivers an exciting and transformative roadmap to building an expansive competitive advantage in your organization with innovative pricing models. In this book, you’ll discover how to choose the latest monetization approaches for your products and how to execute on the one that makes the most sense for you and your business.

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