CFO Study 2020: “The digital future of finance organizations – a stocktake”

Our annual CFO Study highlights current trends in finance organizations and outlines the challenges CFOs currently face. The study regularly specifies measures that can be taken to respond to these challenges and trends, as well as the strategic approaches being implemented in order to handle the resulting transformations within finance organizations.

This year the CFO Study takes a critical look on the mega trend “digitalization in the finance functions” and questions the current status quo: What has been achieved so far and how far have digitalization plans advanced in finance organizations? In particular, the study examines the issue in terms of current challenges and measures, as well as the role that finance organizations have in digitalization. It also showcases experiences companies have already gained through rolling out digital methods and technologies.  

Since March 2020 at least, the coronavirus crisis has been dominating management agendas in finance organizations. It appears that digitalization, with its associated opportunities for increasing efficiency and obtaining future-focused information, is enjoying a further boost as finance organizations undergo a transformation.

This study report contains all of the exciting findings and valuable insights into the digital transformation of finance organizations.

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