CxO Priorities Study 2022:

Managing Overlapping Crises

Companies are facing greater challenges than ever. They need to manage multiple overlapping crises simultaneously – the Ukraine conflict, lack of raw materials, inflation, climate change – and position themselves resiliently for the future.

To understand how top managers are dealing with this situation, we conducted personal interviews with 280 executive board members of international companies from 10 industries and 17 countries during our annual CxO Priorities survey. They gave us exciting insights into their strategic priorities, expected sales development, the effect of the overlapping crises on their business and much more.

Here are some of our key findings:

  • Securing the operational results gains importance due to the many economic risks resulting from overlapping crises.
  • Digital transformation continues to be the top priority – the third year in a row. However, there is a strong focus on execution.
  • Cyber Security is the top 2nd priority due to the increasing number of hacking attacks.
  • Expected sales growth is mainly driven by higher prices but rarely by volume growth.
  • All industries surveyed increase their product prices compared to 2021 significantly.

Details and further insightful findings can be found in our study report. 

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Download the study report here!