Green hydrogen

Shaping the decarbonization of the economy

Achieving the climate protection targets requires all sectors to make a contribution, and green hydrogen based on regenerative energy – one of the most important emerging technologies – plays a key role here. Whether in transport, industry or the heat sector, our experts will support you in the course of the green transformation with green hydrogen.

Hydrogen ecosystems

Developing and implementing holistic strategies

We have a cross-sector and cross-function understanding of the relevant aspects of generating and using hydrogen. Our interdisciplinary team brings together practical expertise in the areas of strategy, organization and technology – together, we will create the framework necessary for your company to enter the hydrogen economy. Our experience shows that thinking in terms of ecosystems consisting of production, transport and consumption is key to successful implementation.

A wide range of possible applications

Hydrogen is a central element in decarbonization

The use of green hydrogen will be a crucial contributor to the decarbonization of the economy and our society. Together with our customers, we develop business and operating models that are both sustainable and cost-effective – for example, our experts have supported a refinery in finding a way to use green hydrogen from wind power in its production process, to decarbonize it. Bringing on board a nearby cement plant as an additional partner means that the regional ecosystem is already able to operate profitably. Through many additional projects, we work with our clients from a range of sectors such as the energy and manufacturing industries to shape the future of the hydrogen economy.

Green transformation

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