White Paper

“The disrupted Chemicals Supply Chain?”

A practical approach based on hands-on experiences

In recent years, we have seen many of the top players in the chemical industry focusing on supply chain management and developing a lead position where supply chain excellence is concerned.

Until 2015 no chemical company had made it into Gartner’s list of the world’s Supply Chain Top 25 [Gartner Supply Chain Top 25, European Top 15; www.gartner.com], the industry standard for assessing and highlighting leaders in the area of supply chain management. Since then, a lot has happened. BASF and others have received the prestigious Top 25 award and many chemical companies have shown tremendous enthusiasm and high efforts in driving their supply chain development journey.

While these efforts are certainly going in the right direction, we are often asked which level of supply chain development is needed for chemical companies to excel in today’s challenging business environment. Especially when taking the increased pressure on margins, intensified competition and a generally weak economic environment in the chemical industry into account, we believe it is high time to have an answer to this question.

Gindner, K.
Erschienen in: White Paper, 2020

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