EPP Dynamic Talks – B2B

The new and innovative Dynamic talks are short, dynamic and connecting sessions in varying formats with 2 or 3 speakers. After the sessions there are meet-up rooms with each speaker where you can dive deeper in to the subject and ask questions, discuss together with the speaker and peers and network.

We can describe Dynamic Talks as highly effective live-virtual presentations by pricing leaders, presenting well-formed ideas on how to shape our pricing and revenue roadmap, with a very innovative format & system, in under 20 or 12 minutes, followed by a private meet-up room for Q&A.

Some keywords to describe:

  • High impact learning
  • Interactive participation
  • Short intensive LIVE sessions

These series include 5 dynamic talks. Join to learn about the new trends in different industries working in B2B.

All meetups are live, based on a format of 12′ or 20’ expert talk, followed by a live virtual meeting with access from all participants to the discussion room to tackle the top Q&A’s.


Titel Ort Termin


  • Artificial Intelligence applied to B2B Pricing – Explore the latest technology & trends
  • B2B eCommerce pricing – learning from the best
  • Pricing Data Lakes: Leverage your online & offline data sources
  • Nail your B2B Dynamic Pricing Strategy – best practices
  • Servitization pricing – Creating and combining a service and product ecosystem

Further information can be found here on the homepage of the organizer.


Thorsten Lips

Partner, Sales, Marketing & Pricing

Benjamin Schwarzer

Principal, Sales, Marketing & Pricing

Dr. Dietmar Voggenreiter

Principal, Automotive