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"People First - the CHRO's Pivotal Role in Resetting the Course for Post-COVID-19"

With the COVID-19 pandemic we are all experiencing the effect of the “gray rhino” outlined by Michele Wucker (author, specializing in crisis anticipation). This metaphor refers to a probable, but neglected threat that has an enormous impact. The important part is that it gives you a choice. Either you get trampled on, or you get out of the way, or you hop on the back of the rhino and use the crisis as an opportunity.

A look at the history of the 2002/ 2003 SARS pandemic shows that the probability of a global pandemic existed, and it was only a question of time when it would break out. Some companies did not heed those exemplary early warning signals. Accordingly, it is now important to identify early signs and derive measures for post-COVID times.

Indications of how business could continue in the future are seen at various points: based on the latest forecast, economists are expecting a severe recession in the euro zone. A look at companies shows that COVID-19 will continue to change the way we do business, the way we interact on a personal level, but also the way employees are led.

In order to reset the course effectively after COVID-19, a holistic ramp-up plan and future agenda for the workforce should be discussed and aligned within the management board. This puts CHROs and HR managers in the spotlight.

Fink, H. / Kolbuch, S. / Wolff, E.
Erschienen in: White Paper, 2020

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