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Leading successful digital transformation across the Energy and Chemicals sector

Why should you care about Digital Transformation?

Not only market leaders across the energy and chemicals industry rapidly speed up their efforts in the field of digitalization right now. Various initiatives and activities related to a company’s Digital Transformation can be observed across the entire sector, in order gain full benefits out of technological advancements which generate competitive advantages.

But what most companies lack is the final confidence to have made the right choice of initiatives towards Digital Transformation, which brings the most added value for their business. It is a real challenge to coordinate the variety of activities and to follow a structured selection process. In addition, activities from different initiatives often compete with each other for limited resources.

To successfully and profitably manage a company’s Digital Transformation, companies need to follow a structured way for identification, evaluation and prioritization of the various activities. A reliable roadmap for the implementation of the digital transformation ensures the necessary vision and stability in order to profit sustainably from the advantages of the identified initiatives.

In this White Paper Horváth & Partners Management Consultants developed, together with companies of the international consulting alliance “Cordence Worldwide”, several perspectives on the topic of Digital Transformation. We highlighted aspects like the general opportunities for energy and chemical companies in a digital world as well as different focus topics on, e.g. the shift from reactive to predictive processes or the necessity for a culture of security.

Horváth & Partners experts are ready to exchange experiences and best practices on the addressed topics with you.

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Sadowski, D. / Steinbeck, A.
Published in: White Paper, 2018

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