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“How to boost your PDCA cycle using data”

What data-driven decision making means for manufacturing

Due to the advancement of intelligent production technology, additional and more powerful sensors, and smart components, an almost incomprehensible amount of data is produced throughout the entire production cycle. With the rise of analytics technology such as IoT, Big Data and AI, data can be captured, actionable insights can be generated and made accessible to the relevant people involved in the production process in real time – on an operational as well as a strategic level. Hence the current challenge for many manufacturing companies is how to make use of the new possibilities in a cost-effective way, in order to base their decisions on real world data and enhance their production capabilities. This paper is intended to give insights and guidance on how to apply data-driven decision making in production.

Brecelj, J. / Prevost, C.
Erschienen in: White Paper, 2021

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