White Paper

“Agility to secure production stability in the pharmaceutical industry“

Given the growing pressure of organizations to balance stability and flexibility, it is not surprising that the focus of supply chain executives on agile management is as vibrant as ever. What is surprising, though, is reservations towards structural adjustments to the supply chain.

In times of economic volatility, pharma supply chains gain importance as organizational challenges transform industries, economies, and societies. These challenges arise from a quickly evolving environment, the continuous introduction of disruptive technologies, the fast pace of information digitization and democratization, as well as from the war of talents. Consequently, supply chains are pressured to remain stable and become more dynamic at the same time, in order to be able to continuously adapt to the quickly changing environment.

Bork, M. / Fischer, N. / Schmidt-Tophoff, L.
Erschienen in: White Paper, 2020

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