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Interview mit Dr. James Canton

The AI Economy: How Machine Intelligence will Transform the Enterprise

Dr. James Canton, CEO & Chairman, Institute for Global Futures


Machine Intelligence wird zunehmend zum neuen Wettbewerbsvorteil für alle Industrien, die Unternehmen durch die Nutzbarmachung von Vorhersagen transformieren wird. Es wird unabdingbar, die Grundprinzipien des Machine Learning und ihre Relation zu Big Data zu verstehen. Sie werden unsere Geschäftsmodelle tiefgehend verändern, unsere Geschäftsstrategien neu ausrichten, und die Art, wie wir mit unseren Kunden agieren, unsere Mitarbeiter befähigen und darauf aufbauend neue Produkte und Dienstleistungen entwickeln, wandeln.

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In unserer Opening Keynote der BDML Conference wird Dr. James Canton darüber berichten, wie man Organisationen transformieren und die aufkommende kognitive Landschaft der Machine Intelligence verstehen kann. Sie werden mehr über Lösungen, Geschäftsmodelle und Trends, die die AI-Economy heute und in der Zukunft formen und prägen, erfahren. 

Dr. James Canton ist ein weltweit führender Futurist, Sozialwissenschaftler, Keynote-Moderator, Autor und visionärer Geschäftsberater. Seit über 30 Jahren prognostiziert er bereits wichtige Trends, die unsere Welt umfassend geprägt haben. Im Vorfeld der BDML hat uns Dr. Canton die Gelegenheit zu einem Interview gegeben und spricht hier über den Einfluss intelligenter Maschinen auf unser Leben und Arbeiten.

Dr. Canton, machine intelligence principles and solutions will change almost everything in the nearest future - in our daily business at work but also in our everyday lives. How do you think will the human being change? Which influence will intelligent and smart machines have on our bodies, on the way we think and feel and especially on our behavior? 

Dr. Canton I think machine intelligence will enable the increased quality of our life and health. Smart wearable technology that analyzes our health and fitness to help us prevent illness by supporting a more wellness lifestyle will increase longevity. The Smart Quantified Self Trend, where smart machines can predict, prevent and promote our health is where I think we will see the largest positive impact of machine intelligence and thinking machines on human beings.

From your own perspective, what is the most promising technological innovation from today’s point of view? Which technology fascinates you the most?

Dr. Canton The future of artificial intelligence holds great possibilities for transforming our civilization. Every business will become a predictive organization and AI will enable both - the enterprise and smaller companies to invent amazing new solutions to massive global challenges as well as enabling us to create smarter innovations. Innovations created from the AI economy hold great promise, I think.

„BDML is the right place where thought leaders come together to help you think
about what’s next in innovation, technology and digital transformation.“

What means Digital Transformation for you? And where do you see the main difficulties for big enterprises but also for smaller midsize-companies?

Dr. Canton Digital transformation to me is about transforming the fundamental business models, processes, value proposition and solutions that business must embrace. This is a complete change in the way we conduct business but also how we compete, hire talent, create services and products. It is not one thing or just embracing even digital tools but a holistic paradigm shift in creating what I call the digital mindset of leaders.

The challenge for large enterprises, smaller and midsize companies is that many resist change because either their leadership, industry or work culture is not Future Smart—they are not anticipating the trends that are emerging and what they mean or the impact on industry and your organization. They are not looking ahead into the near and far future enough. Digital transformation is force that is disrupting global business and economy yet many don’t really understand that this is not about incremental change but transformational exponential change. Disrupt yourself before you get disrupted I tell my clients. 

Imagine you would be the CEO of a smaller family-owned, midsize-company with around 200 employees. You are acting in the telecommunication industry and your main task is to transform your business. Which are the essential steps you have to go right now and in the next five years to get your company ready for the Age of the 4th Revolution?

Dr. Canton As the CEO of any size company, large or small I would suggest the following to become Future Smart. First off is to develop a culture of innovation in your organization. Set up a Future Lab, a innovation space to encourage new ideas, explore innovations that are outside of your market or industry to foster learning and new knowledge. Explore 3D printing, virtual reality, the blockchain, machine learning, robots and other exponential innovations.

Next I would suggest every business develop a Future Map: A Rapid Strategic Plan that can guide your transformation leadership in getting your organization to design the future of your business. What are the key trends that are emerging that make a difference? What are the exponential innovations that are creating change? How may our customers world change in the near and far future? How do we change to get in synch with our customers changing world? What new products and services built to solve what problems do we think will change our business model in the future?  Companies need to design their future or become disrupted.

Why should people join BDML Conference?

Dr. Canton Join BDML when you want to find out how you can learn to disrupt yourself before you are disrupted and to discover the next digital change drivers that will impact your competitive advantage. BDML is the right place where thought leaders come together to help you think about what’s next in innovation, technology and digital transformation.

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Nehmen Sie an der 4. BDML Conference am 7. und 8. November in München teil.
Tickets und weitere Informationen erhalten Sie hier.