White Paper

“Enterprise Automation Concept” Integrated solution approach for Robot-enhanced Process Automation

“Taking the robots out of the humans” is how Lacity and Willcocks, the leading authors on process automation and software robots, describe in their current book “Robotic Process and Cognitive Automation” the idea of intelligent work in the future. Administrative activities in particular are characterized by repetitive, error-prone tasks and these work processes rarely add value. Employees are expected to work quickly and error-free – in other words, like robots. Creative, innovative, cognitively demanding approaches fall by the wayside. Lacity and Willcocks therefore call for employees to be freed from this work in order to generate more time for complex activities. One possible answer is robot-enhanced process automation.

Beuckes, T. / Jung, M. / Ostrowicz, S.
Published in: White Paper, 2019

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