The office is closed, but efficiency still matters

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  • How has quarantine changed the management of individual and organizational performance in their companies?
  • What are the methods and tools that have been used to track organizational and employee performance during quarantine?
  • How has the new norm changed their efficiency targets?
  • What types of efficiency improvement projects do they focus on during quarantine? (Digitization, process standardization, RPA, process mining, LEAN, agile…)
  • What are the best practices that they learnt during quarantine and plan to maintain in the long run?

Hosts: Vera Koltai & Eszter Karády – IFUA Horváth and Partners
Guest speakers

  • Péter Csucska – Managing Director & General Manager, Lexmark
  • Soma Demény – HR Executive, Genpact for GE Europe & Global HRBP
  • Edit Sipos – Head of Finance and Controlling, Givaudan