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Ádám Gábor, Head of Advanced Analytics

Our clients could improve their efficiency and reach significant savings with Big Data

Ádám Gábor
Head of Advanced Analytics
+36 1 38288-88 

Data Science & Management Consulting:

  • We identify the necessary data base and analyses according to the business needs.
  • We draw business relevant conclusions from the results of the analysis and define actionable strategy or actions based on it.

Data Science & Business Intelligence:

  • Our analysis and models are strongly supported by BI tools and competences such as well-structured, SQL data base and created data mining tables. 

Management Consulting & Business Intelligence

  • We introduce the results of our analyses on an easy-to-understand way through different dashboards and applications.
  • The applications can be built into the operation of the company and used for supporting the everyday decisions.


  • segment based strategy & actions 
  • capacity efficiency improvement
  • more accurate & faster predictive forecasts
  • transaction based sales channel analysis 
  • sales potential prediction
  • promotion efficiency calculation & dynamic pricing
  • production optimization
  • maintenance, scrap prediction
  • predictive purchasing & stock optimization