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Health and Pharmaceutical Sector

Our solutions in the health and pharmaceutical sector are focused on strategy and innovation, optimization of processes and organizational structure, and financial management and controlling.

Our services in strategy and innovation are centered around:

  • Strategy development and Balanced Scorecard implementation for various healthcare providers, including both primary and secondary care facilities
  • Strategy alignment in business units, strategy and operational planning
  • Project management for tendering and investment projects, such as new hospital units and facilities and evaluating project risk
  • Quality Assurance for eHealth project implementation (EU)
  • Identification of market potential, definition of strategic positions for private care centers

Optimization of processes and organizational structure:

  • Developing the regional delivery model of health services in the public sector
  • Design of the organizational structure and improvement of functional processes, hospital integration
  • Long-term procurement optimization and supply management for large generic pharmaceuticals as well as hospitals
  • Patient path management in medical units

Financial management and controlling:

  • Development of management control systems  and performance management in medical units
  • Development and implementation of KPIs to maintain efficient and high quality hospital operations
  • Concept and implementation of monitoring and reporting systems
  • Preparing the financial sustainability model for various entities

Our experience in the health and pharmaceutical sector: Our practical insight spans several decades of advisory activity throughout the frequent reorganizations of the Hungarian health sector, as well as regionally. Our varied client base includes both public and private health providers. Further references provided on request.