Business analytics

Reveal unidentified potential

Collecting data is not enough on its own. Only with a clear objective and methodical out-of-the-box thinking is it possible to utilize its benefits profitably. Many companies do not know and barely make use of the value of their data. This means that potential remains undiscovered and valuable competitive advantages are lost. In collaboration with DataArt, our Horváth team of experts brings together the skills of management consultants and data scientists, with the aim of developing tried-and-tested, practical solutions.

Data-driven management

Identify appropriate use cases

Effectively leverage valuable data and enable data-driven risk management and decision-making: As a first step, our expert teams identify the use cases in your company and bring structure and transparency to your data. Use cases will prove their value to you when they become your business cases. Next, we work with you to develop solutions that are right for your company. The approach we have developed to risk identification extends beyond pure risk use cases and can be applied to all business areas.

Integrated approach

A structured way forward

With our structured approach, we also holistically consider the already-known questions your company is facing. Our expert teams flesh out these questions with results from semantic analyses of mass data – for example as part of analyses to evaluate market entry strategies – and provide your management with a sound and valuable recommendation regarding strategic questions for your company. Our approach is always to proceed within a clear structure: Identification, evaluation, design and implementation.