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„Sustainable enablement is the New Normal“

Corporate culture constitutes a crucial framework condition that determines the structure of a learning offering, as well as what impact it can have.

According to Peter Drucker, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast’’, but the corporate culture and the learning culture are crucial framework conditions that should determine the structure and impact of learning offerings.

When talking about the learning culture, it should be known that, among other things, it is responsible for the understanding of learning within the company, while also shaping the company’s image of learners and showcasing what tasks or roles the learners opt for during learning processes.

For sustainable enablement, the learning culture should be thoroughly considered, as it determines three crucial characteristics of learning offerings – relationships between learning and teaching objective orientation, share of self-organized learning and, last but not least, digitalization level of learning formats.

Furthermore, learning opportunities are only accepted if they fit the existing learning culture of a company, hence, if they are not a good fit, they could easily turn into an overchallenge or even underchallenge to the participants.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the formats of learning processes have drastically changed – it has now become common for companies to provide learners with webinars on various platforms, such as Zoom, MS Teams or WebEx. As a consequence, travel expenses were eliminated, international learning experience became more accessible, and the travel time was eliminated.

The joy of such seminars, however, quickly ran off and left learners with the so called ‘’Zoom fatigue’’ – a phenomenon of increasing fatigue, through the use of primarily virtual tools, due to the fact that virtual meetings could not replace the personal element of physical meetings.

It is expected that, in the future, the so-called ‘’New Normal’’ will combine elements from both online and face-to-face meetings, thus, providing learners with the best of both worlds, in the form of “blended learning’’.

From our point of view, this concept will be fluid, combining different digital, traditional, and self-managed formats, depending on each company’s goals and objectives.

The future is yet to be determined, but we are eager to see what transformations will occur and, most importantly, how businesses around the world will choose to adapt.

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