Urban Air Mobility Study Report 2019

"Business Between Sky and Earth" - Assessing the Market Potential of Mobility in the 3rd Dimension

Mobility will change fundamentally in the years to come due to increasing urbanization, individualization, regulative requirements and new technologies. Instead of owning vehicles, customers will increasingly demand fast, easily accessible, flexible and individualized transportation. Customers’ orientation towards mobility as a service will result in a shifting customer interface to mobility platforms, thus presenting a key challenge for traditional players in the automotive and aerospace industry to manage their transition and expand their service portfolio into the mobility world of the future.

Urban air mobility will play a complementary role to existing modes of transport, as it offers a unique value proposition to customers in terms of speed, flexibility and individualization. However, regulatory requirements and the provisioning of the necessary hub infrastructure is currently unclear. In the future, the mobility industry will be centered around a small number of mobility platforms, where the biggest profit pools can be expected. Strong and well-known brands will be decisive for customer acceptance and will thus pave the way for a widespread and global adoption of urban air mobility. Aerospace and automotive actors should seize the opportunity to establish multi-modal mobility platforms as a complement to their traditional manufacturing business.

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