Mastering the Corona Crisis – The Emerging Risk Management Framework ERiM

The survival and economical success of a company depends on its ability to identify, quantify, and manage risks better than its competitors. The Horváth & Partners Emerging Risk Management Framework ERiM provides the necessary processes and tools to guide a company through all phases of the Corona crisis – from the initial stabilization of business operations, a structured recovery process to an efficient long-term crisis management.

Suddenly emerging risks such as health challenges on a global scale are not a new phenomenon, but the current situation and its severe impact on companies certainly is. 

In situations like this, risk managers are put in the center of attention in managing a variety of highly dynamic and partly unpredictable risks. Handling such emerging risks presents a special challenge to risk management as historic data and accounts of experience are rather rare. 

Moreover, traditional risk management practices, usually heavily relying on historic data, may not be adequate or in some cases even be completely useless in handling a crisis of this magnitude.

Key to successfully mastering the crisis is a holistic risk management framework that takes emerging risks into account and is supported by the latest technology.

  • Stabilization & Immediate Optimization:
    • Understand the situation and evaluate its impact
    • Prioritize activities and act fast
  • Structured Recovery:
    • Prepare your company to ramp-up business again
    • Predict the situation and plan ahead
  • Long-term Crisis Management:
    • Permanently integrate ERiM into your processes and organization…
    • …and be prepared for the next crisis!

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