Purpose and Leadership

Accelerating purpose as a driver of breakthrough growth, innovation & impact

We are convinced that successful growth and organizational peak performance cannot reach its full potential without a higher sense of purpose. Moreover, global studies show that purpose driven organizations outperform their competitors on every benchmark over the long term.

That is why Horváth & Partners started to collaborate with “Leaders on Purpose”, a community of leaders founded by experts and practitioners from Harvard University, The World Bank Group, The London School of Economics and MIT. The initiative aims to identify, shape and share the leadership capabilities needed to manage a growing population on a planet with finite resources - while at the same time driving long term success. 

As a first joint activity, we just supported the CEO study “North Star: Purpose-driven Leadership for the 21st Century”, based on extensive interviews with 16 of the world's leading CEOs of fortune 500 companies incl. Joe Kaeser, CEO Siemens, Zhang Ruimin, CEO Haier and Emmanuel Faber, CEO Danone. Key insights of this study have been presented in Washington D.C. at the spring meetings of the World Bank Group. 

Together we advise businesses on anchoring, activating and accelerating organizational purpose for break through financial performance, business opportunities and rapid innovation navigating disruptions of the 21st century.

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