Controller Competence Model

A Guideline for Modern Controller Development with Model Competence Profiles

As management partners, besides professional and methodological competences, controllers should have a solid understanding of the business, sufficient social skills and the ability to adapt their role behaviour to the situation. How does the controlling staff deal with the growing and diverse requirements? 

The Controller Competence Model of IGC presents for the first time a comprehensive model for competence management in the controller field. It consists of a hierarchical list of competences, which builds on the IGC Controlling Process Model and the Controller Mission Statement. The list of competences ist completed by model function profiles and model competence profiles for the most important controller functions.

With the model competence profiles, controllers, HR staff and managers as well as educational institutions for the first time have a tool they can apply in practice for developing, controlling and assessing competences.

Author(s): Eiselmayer, K.; Gleich, R.; Losbichler, H.; Niedermayr‑Kruse, R.; Rieder, L.; Schulze, M.; Seefried, J.; Wickel‑Kirsch, S.; Thiele, P.
Publisher: Haufe
ISBN: 978-3-648-08457-1

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