Green transformation

Decarbonizing business models successfully

Ambitious national and international climate protection targets are resulting in fundamental changes to the economy as well as our society. We are in the midst of the energy transition, heat transition, and transport transition, and so companies across all industries are facing the challenge of decarbonizing their entire value chain. Alongside a multitude of opportunities, this green transformation also poses new challenges for business decision-makers. Our experienced team will help you achieve success on the path to CO2 neutrality.

Transformation strategy

Identifying levers for the transformation

Our inter-disciplinary team combines process and business model experience in many sectors with methodological knowledge in the areas of strategy development, transformation, and management. Applying this approach, we will support you in identifying levers for transformation to successfully decarbonize your business model, and implement our extensive experience in dealing with similar issues.

Carbon-free business models

Using the transition opportunities with a specifc approach

The green transformation creates a wide range of new technologies and possible applications. Our experts will help you analyze and select the right projects for you. We offer solutions for established companies that seek a path to the decarbonization of their value chain, and support forward-thinkers in both refining their ideas and positioning them on the market. For example, together with a number of our clients, we have established a comprehensive hydrogen ecosystem and developed advanced and sustainable business models for the storage of renewable electrical energy. We are convinced that the green transformation can be made a success through smart concepts and focused implementation.

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