Renewable energies

Developing sustainable energy portfolios

As technologies and markets in the renewable energies sector mature, new opportunities for developing sustainable energy portfolios are arising. Producers and consumers of renewable energies interact in various constellations, and projects are implemented both within a renewables support scheme as well as without support, through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

Evaluating the options

Identifying value-adding business cases

In the area of renewable energies, we are supporting you in developing solutions that are tailormadeto your individual situation. We identify production and sales potentials, and highlight opportunities and risks. In addition to qualitative criteria, our projects are underpinned by well-founded feasibility studies, giving you an objective basis for your decisions.

Sector coupling

Maximizing potential through energy storage

As we move toward a digital real-time ecosystem, the existing energy system will become increasingly decentralized, connected, and integrated across sectors. In the target structure, millions of generation and consumption systems such as electrolyzers and heat pumps as well as stationary and mobile storage will be cost-efficiently and actively integrated into energy markets and ancillary services. Therefore, the time of generation of the power – which in future will be primarily produced from wind and photovoltaic – will be less relevant to the time of consumption. On this basis, energy storage projects offer enormous economic potential for businesses. Together with our customers, we develop sustainable business models and support the entire project process – from forming new ideas through orchestrating the selection process, to project implementation.

Green transformation