Capability Statement

Performance Dialogues

One of the eight central fields of action of the CFO agenda is the comprehensive reshaping of collaboration. The design of Performance Dialogues tailored to the individual needs supports this idea and helps to steer the operative business more sustainably and unerringly.

Developments in the first half of 2020 have presented finance functions with new challenges and made weaknesses transparent. During this period, it became particularly clear how important a targeted review process is to prepare for decision-making and for operational management.

The active design of performance dialogues is essentially about bringing together the right people at the right frequency to assess market developments. The overall objective is to create a framework that enables a targeted analysis of developments and supports the derivation and follow-up of measures. The degree of digitization as well as a clearly defined management approach play a driving role regarding the depth and efficiency of the analysis. 

Dr. Reuschenbach, D. / Tobias, S.
Published in: Capability Statement, 2020

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