Trends in Digital Planning – The Future of Corporate Steering

Corporate planning and forecasting are currently in a state of upheaval. Today, for instance, digital elements are already being used as "add-ons" in planning. Examples of this can be found both for individual forecasts based on predictive analytics and for comprehensive and powerful simulation models and their application in automated, scenario-based planning.

However, this is only the begin-ning of a much larger development. The foundations for digital planning are laid by linking digital methods (in-memory databases, predictive analytics, machine learning) and modern planning approaches (process integration, driver models, frontloading, rolling forecasts) to establish a holistic, new planning approach.

Against this background, Horváth & Partners focused on the following areas as part of its 2019 CFO study

  • Current challenges in planning and forecasting
  • Digital planning processes and IT support and
  • necessary change measures