From Trend to Reality – How CFOs are Mastering Digitization

The successive transformation of finance operations with the aim of making finance more efficient and dynamic is an item that continues to be on the agenda of CFOs and executives.

Key drivers originating in the realm of digitization, such as the shift to proactive corporate management forecasting or increased expectations in terms of the use of data in corporate management, emphasize the need for transforming finance into a CFO Organization 4.0. The aim is to consistently pursue and implement the change measures that have already been initiated. Agile organizational forms and working methods are new on the list of challenges and therefore also on the CFO agenda. In this context, it is more important than ever for CFOs to achieve greater transparency with regard to the current state of their own financial organization and potential initiatives to promote and make use of digitization.

The annual CFO study conducted by Horváth & Partners sheds light on financial trends and the current challenges facing CFOs. The study also identifies concrete measures that can be taken to meet these challenges and strategic approaches that can be pursued to master transformation in the financial sector.