Digital Value 2018

Digitization’s Contribution to Added Value

Companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have made significant advancements in the digital transformation process. 76% of decision-makers surveyed now state that their company has experienced a high level of change at almost all levels because of digitization, primarily with respect to resource management, organizational structure, and the entire corporate culture. Strategies and measures which have been developed in relation to digitization are already resulting in tangible, positive effects in many companies, bringing greater productivity, reduced costs, and increased service quality for example. The benefits of digitization have been prophesied many times, and the economy is now finally starting to enjoy them.

  • Where are companies at currently?
  • How successfully are they benefiting from the digital transformation, including from a financial perspective?
  • Which industries have the strongest drivers?

Horváth & Partners has engaged with these questions in its current “Digital Value” study, for which 200 digitization decision-makers from several industries were surveyed. They make up a cross-section of the business landscape in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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