Mastering diverse challenges successfully

Hardly any industry is as affected by digitization as telecommunications. Companies in this sector are facing severe challenges. As the number of internet-based devices and services continues to grow, there is increasing pressure from customers, regulators, competitors, and investors. Sales within core business are declining while telecommunications companies are forced to heavily invest. Therefore, they are required to find new sources of income. The newly reformed German Telecommunications Act also strengthens consumers and enforces network expansion, especially in terms of fiber optics. The EU taxonomy is increasing pressure to be more sustainable. Companies need to pursue strategic broadband expansion as well as cooperation strategies and new ecosystems. Our experts will be happy to assist you in tackling these challenges.

Digital ecosystem

Creating incentives and benefits

Whether it arises from the amended German Telecommunications Act or simply to enhance how customers benefit, fair consumer contracts create incentives and advantages for both parties. They represent a building block for a new area of digital ecosystem that telecommunications companies and energy providers can create in cooperation with providers such as the housing industry.

Gigabit-capable networks

Setting up and expanding networks successfully

The onward progress of digitization is inconceivable without fast and stable networks in place. Creating gigabit-capable fiber optics and 5G networks confronts infrastructure providers with considerable challenges: The necessary investment must be reconciled with limited additional revenue potential. As well as ensuring cost-optimized setup and expansion of the network infrastructure, providers must also monetize it and develop new business models. We help you to

  • evaluate the potential and risk of your plan,
  • develop suitable strategies and business models, and
  • resolve the question of financing.

Operational excellence

Structuring operations to be agile and efficient

New digital technologies, shorter product cycles, new competitors, and ever-growing pressure on margins: Your operational areas are currently facing a dynamic market environment. Competitive prices, a flexible organization, and high quality are important levers for success. Our experts will assist you in achieving more through operational excellence. We will work together to develop the bridge between strategy and implementation, in the form of a target operating model (TOM). We combine vision and strategy, process and cooperation models, and also define roles for your operations. We will carefully guide you through this process with our proven project and change management approach.

Selected examples