Telecommunications industry in transition

Utilizing potential successfully

Hardly any industry is as affected by digitalization as telecommunications. Current and future challenges for companies are multifaceted. With the growing number of internet-based devices and services, the pressure from customers, regulators, competitors, and investors is increasing. Sales within the core business is declining and telecommunications companies are searching for new income sources with investments worth billions. Our experts help you to position yourself and make full use of your potential through the use of robotic process automation (RPA), human-machine cooperation models, and advanced analytics models.

Controlling & finance

Guiding CFOs effectively

Financing network expansion, managing digital business models as part of an ecosystem, continuous cost pressure: There are special challenges for CFOs. Our consultants have extensive experience with respect to our core skills in controlling & finance. We work with you to

  • Develop dynamic steering models and logics,
  • Optimize your CFO organization and
  • Introduce SAP S/4HANA.

Gigabit-capable networks

Setting up and expanding networks successfully

Continuous progression of digitalization is unthinkable without fast and stable networks. Gigabit-capable fiber optics and 5G networks present infrastructure providers with great challenges. The necessary investments must be reconciled with limited additional revenue potential. You also have to define the best strategy for building and expanding networks in the face of new competitors, such as energy suppliers. We help you to

  • Evaluate the potential and risk of your plan,
  • Develop suitable strategies and business models, and
  • Answer the question of financing.

Operative excellence

Structuring operations agilely and efficiently

New digital technologies, shorter product cycles, new competitors, and increasing margin pressure: Your operations are confronted with an increasingly dynamic market environment. Competitive prices, a flexible organization, and high quality are important levers for success. Our experts will assist you in increasing your success with operative excellence. We work with you to develop the bridge between strategy and implementation in the form of a target operating model (TOM). This includes vision and strategy, process and cooperation models, as well as role definitions for your operations. We accompany you prudently with our proven project and change management approach.

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