Efficient Rail Transport

Mastering challenges and exploiting opportunities for the future

The challenges facing top management today are dynamic competition, and increasing demands on quality, punctuality, productivity and connectivity – combined with strong traffic growth and bottlenecks in infrastructure, vehicles and operational personnel. At the same time, the political endorsement of the railway system, the change in traffic patterns and digitalization open up new opportunities for you to effectively increase the efficiency of rail transport. With our help, you can take advantage of future opportunities.

Integrated performance management

Cross-functional and cross-value chain optimization approaches

The experience of our experts shows that: Increasingly fewer answers can be found in individual areas. What is needed is a comprehensive "end-to-end" perspective from market requirements to the fulfillment of performance promises, in order to find practical solutions involving all parties. A team-oriented approach has proven itself suitable for this. Our teams bring industry expertise and the necessary functional know-how to the table and work with you to develop valuable solutions.

State-of-the-art solutions

Using best practices and cross-industry impulses

Backed by numerous projects with railways and comparable industries such as aviation, we have proven solutions and approaches for a multitude of challenges. We translate these into targeted impulses and give you valuable tips for effective answers to your company’s concrete questions.

From our point of view, the following strategic imperatives are important in order to successfully shape your CxO agenda:

  • Aligning business models with digitalization requirements at an early stage,
  • Strengthening customer and value creation focus through strict process orientation,
  • Designing lean organizational structures and creating clear responsibilities,
  • Interlocking, standardizing and automating processes across processes,
  • Increasing operational performance and capacity utilization with advanced analytics, and
  • Strengthen transparency and controllability through performance management.