Paper processing and packaging industry

Mastering new challenges in this growing market

An increasing focus on exports, internationalization, and enhanced customer centricity are important topics in the packaging industry. Agile production cycles, new product differentiations, and increased attention on sustainability are presenting companies with new challenges. We show you how to make full use of the online ordering trend as well as improvement potential with respect to cooling, warming, and sterile packaging for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industry. The demand for environmentally-friendly, stable, lightweight, and durable packaging in the consumer segment can also increase your revenue over the long term.

Efficient supply chain management

Controlling production and logistics effectively

The most important task in your industry is to create value with an efficient supply chain management system. And that over the entire value-creation chain, from raw material to individual product. Our experts will assist you in linking your production and logistics chains across the world. In the right location, at the correct time, in the necessary granularity, and in an appropriate form.

Custom solutions

Developing and implementing control models

Our industry-specific solutions enable you to turn challenges into opportunities:

  • Together, we will generate management-related indicators in order to differentiate between high-value or low-value business. 
  • We provide benchmarks on overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and help you to manage your production and logistics system in the best possible way. 
  • We develop a mutual vision for company management and anchor this in an operative performance management and reporting system.
  • We analyze and improve your end-to-end processes at every level of value creation.
  • We develop and implement custom approaches to utilize the opportunities of digitalization.

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