Medical technology

Facing a fragmented industry in the right way

Medical technology is a fragmented and nontransparent market. It is highly regulated within and outside Germany – regarding approval, sale and usage of medical technology. At the same time, the market is growing, driven by demographic change, increased health consciousness, and advances in medical technology like smart health or digital products in preventative healthcare and healthcare services. Our experts are happy to guide you in facing these multifaceted challenges.

Increasing performance in medical technology

Implementing future-proof approaches

From basic research to product development and the transfer to medical technology applications: The value creation process in the medical technology industry is strongly influenced by the high investment rate for research and development. At the same time, the industry is subject to significant pressure to consolidate. Together with you, we develop effective solutions to optimize your performance and to develop new innovation strategies.

Sustainable competitiveness

Optimizing processes and working capital

Based on best practices, we develop practical approaches with you that consider the specifics of your industry. Our consultants help you to

  • Improve your core processes, product development in particular,
  • Optimize working capital, and
  • Design and implement your digital sales concept using our proven sales performance excellence approach.

We establish the basis for your sustainable competitiveness – from new organizational structures to new control concepts to new planning and reporting systems.