Sustainability as a management responsibility

Understanding sustainability as a business success factor

Global climate change and resource scarcity are the core challenges of the 21st century. So it is no surprise that sustainability is becoming a central guiding principle within our society and is increasingly taking priority on company agendas. What is more, growth and profit are no longer the primary drivers, as incorporating a well-balanced consideration of economic, social and environmental concerns continues to gain in significance. Sustainability has therefore become a management responsibility vital to success. Our consultants will help you to achieve economic success by means of an environmentally and socially responsible approach and to find innovative, future-oriented solutions for the challenges ahead.

Holistic solutions

Being successful in a sustainable future

The need for a genuine ‘sustainability transformation’ is more acute than ever. Our experts will support you in turning sustainability into an integral part of your corporate strategy, your business models and your management processes. We will help you to make a sustainable contribution – for example by reducing your carbon footprint – while also benefiting from long-term development opportunities as well as resource efficiency and cost advantages. In close cooperation with you we will build the foundation for your success through cross-functional transformation. We offer a comprehensive solutions portfolio covering the following sustainability topics issues:

  • Sustainability Performance Management: We will enhance integrated thinking and strengthen your decision-making power with proven solutions for performance measurement, control, and the derivation of appropriate actions and initiatives.
  • Sustainable Future and Transformation: We will support you in analyzing your sustainability maturity level as well as assisting with strategy development and the implementation of transformative processes.
  • Environmental and Climate Impact: We will advise you on how to reduce your environmental and climate impact and become carbon neutral, for example by increasing resource efficiency and reducing waste.
  • Hydrogen Ecosystems: We will support you in positioning yourself along the hydrogen value chain, from production and sales to application.
  • Smart and Livable Cities: We will enable you to integrate your products into sustainable, intelligent city ecosystems in the fields of mobility, energy and environment, administration and economy.