Integrated supply chain organization

Focusing structures and processes on customer requirements

Market and customer requirements for companies are changing rapidly. Your supply chain organization is tasked with the difficult job of meeting these efficiently. We help you to make use of synergies in processes and departments. This allows you to focus your entire organization on the efficiency of your supply chain.

End-2-end supply chain set-up

Establishing an integrated supply chain organization

We optimize your supply chain organization and supply chain processes by applying our proven approach. To do so, we interlink the requirements and the organizational and procedural focus. We accomplish this in the sense of holistic end-to-end processes (E2E). Our consultants focus on developing and implementing optimized E2E processes for you. We also consider the required organizational adjustments along the supply chain.

Customer-specific supply chain organization and processes

Designing and optimizing organizational and operational structures

We rely on a clear approach when we design your supply chain organizations and optimize the processes in your value-creation chain:

  1. We determine the requirements and underlying conditions of the company organization and condense these into the design criteria.
  2. We design organizational structures and processes using the requirements and design criteria.
  3. We evaluate various scenarios with regard to the target achievement rate, efficiency and synergy utilization, and the ability to implement.

The following success factors are essential here:

  • Knowing industry requirements with regard to functions and performance – and demonstrating this
  • comprehensively with added value and synergies in the specific design
  • Developing target scenarios and intermediate steps and depicting them in a roadmap
  • Preparing a change roadmap for implementation early