Service Production Management

Ensuring optimal control in the service center

Digitalization presents service centers and operational units with great challenges, regardless of industry. Growing customer expectations combined with cost pressures as well as increasingly complex processes and products make intelligent planning and management of orders and resources important for your company. Our consultants help you to effectively manage your service center.

Demand and resource management

Establishing planning and control as a central component

You want to utilize your resources more efficiently and increase the productivity of your team. However, it is often necessary to cushion peaks with overtime or expensive external staff. This makes our proven approach for optimal demand and resource management the right thing for you. With this, the planning and control of your service operations becomes transparent.

Procedural concept on planning and control

Developing an individual vision

Our experts develop a vision together with you. The basis for this is an assessment of your service operations unit. Together, we define basic design principles and detail a planning and control approach. We plan out demand management using degrees of hardness and supplement this with intelligent analysis applications on rolling forecasting. This gives you full transparency on incoming orders in your service center. With regard to resource management, this also enables you to integrate employees as well as innovative approaches like robotics, process automation, or omnichannel management. Based on defined skill profiles in combination with these innovative solutions you will be able to route an order to the optimal resource whether it is human or artificial. Our goal is a completely automated service provision.