Service operations processes and design

Creating the basis for providing digital services

Services are increasingly provided digital. This puts companies under pressure by being confronted with the challenge of establishing a digital process and service architecture This architecture is designed to serve as a foundation and must depict all process requirements, whether these processes are completed manually or digitally. These processes reflect customer expectations from the customer journey. We help you to successfully design a digital process and service architecture.

Digital process and service architecture

Designing the best practice-based solution approach

Our experts have developed a practice-based solution approach for designing the perfect digital service and process architecture for you. To do so, we derive processes from the services and create an E2E process model. The service and process architecture is responsible for providing the services. In this case it adopts the role of a work plan and specifies capacity allocation (RPA and human resources) for each process component.

Work plan for (digital) service provision

Establishing an integrated business and IT architecture

We view the service and process architecture as the link to IT and focus on an integrated business and IT architecture.

In practice, the following requirements have been proven successfully:

  • Defining comprehensive standards appropriate to an industrial work plan
  • Differentiating between STP (straight through processing), standard handling, and exception handling
  • Creating a connection to IT and data

This enables you to effectively and successfully implement your digital service and process architecture with us.