Performance Management

Managing service operations actively

In order to represent the performance of operative units and processes, companies must master the difficult field of strategic KPIs and operative performance data. We show you how to reconcile classic strategic, monthly, and often financial KPIs and control models with operative KPIs. These are increasingly being used on the market to analyze the performance of ad hoc procedures. The level of detail, retrospective and forward-looking analyses, as well as the currentness of the data, are decisive for your ability to act operatively. Our experts help you to manage your service operations actively and effectively.

KPI and control models

Harmonizing reporting and controlling with one another

In our projects, we design KPI and control models with drill-down and root cause analysis capabilities so that you can directly and effectively influence your organization and processes. Our control models include KPIs at the operative level which generate alerts when exceeding a given threshold, allowing you to react in real time. Using a solid basis of data, we design all levels of the financial and operative KPIs and utilize them here.

Active process performance management

Increasing goal achievement and customer satisfaction

Horváth & Partners established itself as the top partner in performance management years ago. We combine our specialized expertise from core processes within the service industry with valuable knowledge on KPI models.

Our consultants anchor these within your organization and active control measures by integrating leading techniques like process mining and advanced analytics. Our approaches are consistently linked to your company-wide vision, for example as part of the operations control tower.