Risk Management - New: COIN 19, the Covid-19 Analysis Manager Tool

Intelligent, holistic risk and opportunity management in times of Corona

Emerging risks and crisis situations push companies to their limits. Risk managers are at the heart of this process and play an important role in dealing with these completely new and extremely challenging risk situations. Emerging risks require a change in traditional risk management methods, as historical data and experience reports are rare. COIN-19 is the tool for macroeconomic analysis of the corona situation.

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Performance-oriented risk management

Integration of risk and compliance management into corporate management

Digitalization in particular presents both risks and opportunities for your company. The protection of sensitive information and early identification of trends requires the management of increasingly large volumes of data – it is also the only way to adequately organize your business model and remain competitive in the long term.

Advanced performance management

Securing and increasing company value in the long term

Active risk and compliance management is becoming a key component of modern performance management. Making this an integrated part of your corporate management results in relevant information about risks and opportunities being incorporated into your decision-making processes in good time. In this way, the information helps to secure and increase the value of your company in the long term. 

Active compliance management is also important: compliance with legal requirements and upholding of regulatory standards sustains your company’s ongoing existence. Moreover, compliance in general becomes a significant competitive advantage for your company. We work with you to structure any company processes that are subject to regulatory provisions. We avoid bureaucratic hurdles and facilitate efficient processes.

The tool for macroeconomic analysis of the corona situation.

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