Global Business Radar

Generating competitive advantages through big data

In the age of digitalization and the rapidly increasing flow of data, it is essential for companies to consider current trends and opinions as well as risks and opportunities. With our expertise in the area of data & analytics, we assist your company in collecting data and utilizing it profitably. The global business radar is our answer to increasingly complex and interlinked information and data. This radar is a innovative tool that identifies trends and customer behavior. It also warns your company about external risks. This is how we create decisive competitive advantages for you from big data and machine learning.

Big data solution

Realizing use cases in your company

You can implement global business radar potential efficiently and effectively with our quick solution approach. As a first step, our consultants will analyze use case potential along the entire digital value creation chain of your company. Building on this, using the Global Business Radar we show you how you can realize the various opportunities of the use cases within your company.

The benefits to you are:

  • Identifying company areas in which the use of the global business radar would deliver the greatest and quickest value
  • Determining the correct service level for your company:
    • Analytics on Demand
    • Software as a Service
    • Customized solutions
    • Assessing the realization of short-term and long-term value-creation potential

Innovation management

Quantifying decisions

We have broad experience in management consulting, risk management, and in the areas of big data and machine learning. With use cases in the automotive, banking, chemicals, consumer goods, high tech, industrial goods, insurance, logistics, media, oil, pharmaceuticals, public sector, retail, telecoms, transportation, travel, and utilities sectors. With the Global Business Radar, we will design tailor-made solutions for you that will make your digitalization strategy a reality. We will show you how to utilize big data and machine learning successfully. Thus driving the digital transformation of your company forward together.