Enterprise Risk Management

Establishing modern risk management

Risks are globally intertwined today. The increasing complexity of the risk landscape presents companies with growing challenges. A modern enterprise risk management system helps you to master them effectively. Such a system helps you to identify and control external market changes at an early stage. These systems enable you to master new and complex risks with the use of innovative technological methods. We help you to establish new skills and know-how. We also optimize your existing risk management system with regard to regulatory requirements.

Performance risk management

Controlling companies effectively with ERM

When optimizing your risk management system, we begin with an ERM maturity assessment. This allows our experts to analyze the initial situation at your company.

The benefits to you are:

  • Creating transparency on the existing risk management system
  • Identifying actions areas for all components of risk management
  • Discovering optimization potential through a peer group comparison

Risk management system

Linking strategy and risk management effectively

Our consultants have extensive expertise in risk management. In particular, in the automotive, banking, chemicals, consumer goods, insurance, oil, pharmaceuticals, public, retail, and utilities sectors. We establish performance-based processes in your company and link them with modern digital methods. We help your company to integrate an effective risk management system in your corporate decision making processes.

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