Digital data governance

Enable intelligent and secure data usage

65% of all digitalization initiatives fail because there is no standard “data language” with regard to data quality, availability and security. Company-wide data management is the key element for sustainable and successful digitalization. Our experts will help you transform existing structures in moving towards digital data governance for intelligent data usage.

Transformation of data usage

Create a basis for sustaining successful digitalization

Using the four cornerstones of our Digital Data Governance solution, our experts comprehensively capture every aspect of the organizational and procedural structure of your company. Doing so enables us to implement an efficient strategy which complies with regulatory requirements, and at the same time to drive forward innovative and responsible ways of using data. Guided by the digital maturity level of your company, our team defines and prioritizes implementation measures aligned to the four cornerstones; this means we can break up existing silo structures for individual applications and areas and convert them into harmonized data inventories.

Sustainable data governance

Check data structures and realize potential

Our proven Digital Data Governance solution delivers the added value benefits of standardized data management:

  • Reduced costs for administration and storage of data by means of established data standards in the form of policies and processes 
  • Utilizing of synergies and identification of new business areas through the creation of data transparency and elimination of standalone data silos 
  • Prevention of compliance incidents by establishing a standardized framework
  • Ensuring continuous progress and implementation of digitalization initiatives by implementing controls and indicators

We adapt our services to suit your company’s requirements and digital maturity. Let’s get together and:

  • Identify potential
  • Develop and test approaches in sprints
  • Create frameworks, including processes and competencies for sustainable usage
  • Sustainably implement the developed solutions
  • Ensure sustainable transfer of expertise