Working Capital Management

Reducing capital needs and generating shareholder value

Freeing up working capital is one of the core objectives of working capital management. Our experienced team of consultants is also concerned with making working capital available over the long term in your company. This enables you to increase liquidity and achieve room to maneuver to create growth. You are also able to generate shareholder value. To do so, we optimize how you manage working capital in a holistic end-to-end process perspective.

Integrated working capital management

Managing working capital effectively

We optimize how you manage working capital with our proven approach. This combines measures to further develop a superordinate management system (top down) with concrete optimization measures for functional areas (bottom up). In this way, we establish decisive improvements and achieve the goals we set together. We focus on the essential control levers, which enables us to achieve rapid and directly measurable changes.

Company and business model specific approach

Optimizing working capital individually

Our consultants use a holistic process to develop a company and business model specific approach that optimizes your working capital:

  1. We develop individual working capital goals according to your business model and derive optimization potential from this.
  2. We validate control levers using concrete measures and develop an overall plan to implement them.
  3. We actively support operative units in reaching your working capital goals and manage goal achievement.

We have identified the following critical factors for success, which you should consider when optimizing working capital, from a number of successful projects:

  • Determining requirements and goals based on the business model
  • Ensuring explicit, overall responsibility for working capital
  • Making clear decisions to solve goal conflicts