Global Business Services

Optimizing processes and reducing overheads

The significance of a dynamic market environment as well as increasing costs and efficiency pressure is increasingly critical to internal support services in processes like purchase to pay, hire to retire, or record to report. Your company is faced with great challenges in centralizing, harmonizing, and standardizing processes. We show you how to take full advantage of optimization potential.

Cross-function (multi-tower) global business services

Bundling decentralized services and establishing transparency

Using our proven approach, you will be able to successfully master the challenges of your day-to-day management. Here, we introduce cross-function (multi-tower) global business services (GBS). We bundle and scale previously decentralized services for you. This enables you to optimize your overheads and establish transparency in your processes as well.

Transferring, standardizing, and automation

Recognizing and realizing advantages

Cost advantages are an essential drive for implementing (multi-tower) GBS. These are created, for example, by partially transferring your processes to low-wage locations or from standardization and automation potential. We also enable you to take advantage of qualitative advantages. Such as increased process transparency and stability or effective governance of your organization by clearly defining support services provided (service level agreements).

Communication and change

Including and empowering employees

In order to realize these benefits, it is important to communicate the changes resulting from implementing the GBS and to include your existing staff and future GBS team early. We integrate the GBS organization in a successful manner together with our change experts. On the cultural level as well.