BI & analytics

Digitalizing company controls effectively

Business intelligence continues to develop dramatically as a solution for systematic, data-driven analysis and control of companies. The drivers here are new methods and technologies, such as advanced analytics, big data, in-memory technologies, or natural language processing. Our experts are happy to bring their expertise to bear in modernizing your BI and analytics platform. Together we leverage new digital potential for your company controls and create competitive advantage for you.

Your BI and analytics platform

Modernizing platforms holistically

Our BI and analytics team is happy to help you modernize or refocus your BI and analytics platform. We provide everything you will need from one source:

  • Analyzing the current situation using our maturity level model
  • Developing the BI strategy
  • Selecting suitable technological components
  • Implementing the next generation of your BI architectures
  • Establishing modern operating models

Our BI and analytics solutions portfolio

Utilizing expertise in a targeted manner

Our consultants bundle their know-how in the areas of methodology, data, technology, architecture, processes, organization, and governance for you. We offer you a powerful solutions portfolio:

  • BI and analytics strategy
  • BI architecture and digital platform
  • Software selection and implementation
  • Operating model and governance