Operating model and governance

Ensuring sustainability with clear structures

One essential key for the successful establishing of BI and analytics platforms is given by clearly anchored platform processes and organizational structures that ensure sustainability. An operating model such as this represents the foundation for achieving strong governance. This enables you to realize your efficiency, effectiveness, innovation, and scaling goals you initially strove for with the platform over the long term. Our experts help you to establish new structures.

Data governance

Creating added value with data quality

Data governance takes on a particular importance in the operating model of your platform: The merit of your corporate performance management system stands and falls with data quality. A majority of the data provided via the BI and analytics platform is generated in other (source) systems. Nonetheless, it is essential to solidly link data governance with the BI and analytics platform. This makes the data quality immediately visible to you.

Company-specific approach

Achieving added value successfully

Our consultants don’t just simply introduce an operating model, they have a precise understanding of the history, status quo, and strategy of your BI and analytics area. We introduce our best practice experience in a targeted manner. In this way, we work with you to develop the optimal approach for your company.

This includes:

  • The right mix of centralized and decentralized components of the operating model
  • Clear activity split between specialized and IT departments
  • Center of excellence and shared service center approach, where appropriate and expedient
  • Tailor-made development path based on proven “levels of maturity”
  • High-performance standards for the company-wide harmonization of platform processes