BI & Analytics Strategy

Establishing an integrated digital control platform

A resilient BI and analytics strategy is the basis for creating a digital platform from integrated control instruments. Such a strategy allows you to set down data silos effectively and consolidate heterogeneous system landscapes. We adapt the latest technologies to your company-specific requirements in a systematic manner. These aid you in creating an effective, efficient, and forward-looking corporate performance management. We are happy to help you achieve this.

Concrete focus on needs

Focusing controlling tools on requirements accurately

Our expert team systematically investigates the current situation and determines a dependable vision together with your specialist and IT departments. The resulting profile of requirements forms the framework from which we develop your platform with a functional architecture as well as relevant platform processes and structures in a manner consistent with your vision. In doing so, we always have the relevance of the solutions with regard to performance management in mind.

Individual strategy

Improving the BI and analytics area

Our consultants assist you at every level of the BI and analytics strategy. We bring our experience, methods, and inspiration into the design:

  • Comprehensive functional and technical expertise on performance management, BI & analytics
  • A focus on end-to-end processes for continuous corporate performance management
  • Outside-in approach and best practices for control methods and instruments

Holistic approach

Having the entire control chain in mind

Our systematic approach for holistically defining a BI and analytics strategy considers all company control aspects relevant to the platform:

  • Viewing topics like financials, non-financials, and historical data in an integrated manner
  • Designing platform processes and integrating them into surrounding business processes
  • Embedding these into organizational structures via a role-based operating model
  • Using classic and innovative technologies in efficient, flexible, and scalable architectures