Digital Reporting

Improving reporting through digitalization

Digitalization is pressing forward tirelessly. It is fundamentally changing reporting and the manner of controls. Digital technologies are opening up immense potential for improving the informational basis of your decision makers. Algorithms are evaluating large volumes of data. This enables you to acquire new knowledge that you can call up in a user-specific and context-based manner and in real time. Digital reporting thus increases the quality and speed of decision making within your company. Our experts will assist you in making full use of this decisive competitive advantage.

Reporting of the future is FACT!

  • Fast & flexible – selecting and providing management-related information and analyses in real time
  • Autonomous – preparing and analysis information in a rule-based and AI-based manner
  • Connected – intuitive navigation using financial, operative, and external performance indicators with integrated analysis functions
  • Tailored – presenting management-related information in the form of intuitive user and event “stories”

Digital opportunities

Developing a digital reporting agenda effectively

The high dynamism of development and complexity of existing software solutions makes it difficult for companies to clearly develop a future vision for your digital reporting and map out a path there. Developing digital reporting approaches and anchoring them successfully depends strongly on a given company’s digital level of maturity. Your digital reporting agenda should therefore not be driven by short-term trends. With your cooperation, we will develop a future-proof digital reporting approach that is tailored to your needs. This is how we guarantee that you utilize the opportunities of digitalization to their fullest extent.

Service portfolio

Be a trailblazer in reporting

Our consultants are trailblazers in the digitalization of reporting. We guide you from the initial conception of the idea to effective change:

  • Analyzing the digital maturity level
  • Creating company-specific digital visions and transformation roadmaps
  • Developing and implementing prototypes in an agile and rapid manner
  • Establishing prerequisites for digitalization (fit for digitalization)
  • Selecting innovative software solutions and implementing them agilely (scrum)
  • Anchoring concepts in the organization for the long term

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