Digital planning

Successful digitalization of planning

The combination of already existing planning approaches with digital methods is revolutionizing corporate planning. Just as autonomous driving relies on many well-known elements such as sensors or telemetry, you can also achieve a new level of planning efficiency and benefits. We show you how to effectively combine existing elements with new technologies and how to successfully digitalize your planning.

Integration, automation and analytics

Successful establishment of digital planning

The starting point for your digital planning process is a comprehensive integration of processes and management content. The technical basis here is formed by consistent driver models, and scalable planning platforms provide technical support. We use modern, powerful business information solutions and cloud-based planning tools that are linked to InMemory databases. Scenario modeling is the core discipline of digital planning and provides valuable information for your decision-making processes. "What-if" analyses provide an overview of the complex dependencies in the business model and simulate them in scenarios. The integration of powerful "Analytics Engines" significantly expands your application possibilities with regard to planning platforms. Predictive analytics enable a partial automation of the forecast to an unprecedented extent. Prescriptive analytics as part of advanced simulation and optimization models support your decision-making processes with suggested actions.

New planning reality

Embarking on the future of planning

The building blocks of digital planning presented here have already been successfully applied in practice. They demonstrate the benefits of predictive analytics for your company. Integrated processes and the use of powerful planning platforms will become standard in the years to come. Our experts will help you to develop a specific target image. This is how you move into the future of digital planning.