Business-driven planning

Successfully integrating sales & operations planning with financial forecasting

Business-driven planning (BDP) integrates isolated planning areas from the Sales, Operations, and Finance departments. This approach means that plans and forecasts are available to management more quickly and at a higher quality, can be operationalized for scenario evaluation and to support decision-making, and increase your company’s success. Our experts show you how to be successful in effectively integrating sales & operations planning with financial forecasting.

From a planner to a business planner

Objectively optimizing needs-fulfillment

Working with you, we can together create individual solutions for your company that deliver measurable results on a sustainable basis. Business-driven planning will make your planning processes more efficient and – through integration and consolidation – more effective.

It enables you to financially assess alternative scenarios, meaning decisions can be made on the basis of sales- and costs-related effects as well as strategic specifications.

Tomorrow’s planning

Successfully establishing business-driven planning

Our advisers will support you in establishing business-driven planning in your company. We work with you to develop business-model-specific logical propositions and take these into account. We will take a look at five parameters along the target operating model, which we believe are crucial to successful implementation:

  • Considering end-to-end business processes
  • Anchoring the planning function in the organizational structure
  • Training employees in how to handle new methods and technologies
  • Harmonizing the data and information models
  • Providing support by means of high-performance planning platforms

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